New York State Church Brings Together Hundreds to Break Hopscotch Record

Facebook/Judge Bayly for Family Court

Asbury First United Methodist Church in New York said more than 700 people played at once.

A New York State church organized what it says was the largest gathering of simultaneous hopscotch players ever.

The Asbury First United Methodist Church said more than 700 people showed up to hopscotch all at once as part of a block party it organized Thursday.

"We were trying to figure out as a church what could we do to bring people together and this was an idea someone sat around the table and said what about hopscotch," Stephen Cady, Senior Minister told WROC. "We thought 'Do we even remember how to play hopscotch?'"

Thankfully, they didn't have any trouble, nor did hundreds of others who answered the call when the church asked for all available hopscotch jumpers to come on down.

And the idea paid off! The church says its 700 participants broke the previous record of 621.

That record was achieved by Satilla Elementary School in Douglas, Georgia on April 17, 2015.