Ohio Teacher Rows Solo Across North Atlantic Ocean, Shattering World Record

Bryce Carlson rowed from Canada to the UK all by his lonesome.

While some of us struggled to get out of bed this lazy summer weekend, an Ohio school teacher was completing his record-breaking solo trek across the Atlantic.

Just a little trans-Atlantic jaunt, no biggie.

Bryce Carlson, a Cincinnati biology teacher, rowed from Canada's easternmost coast to the Isle of Scilly in southwest England in just over 38 days.

Despite weathering the remnants of a hurricane, a capsizing scare, and the constant presence of the famous North Atlantic fog, Carlson managed to shatter the previous record of 53 days and eight hours.

According to Carlson's team, his journey was the fastest west to east solo and unsupported crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Astonishingly, Carlson made the journey some three weeks faster than he expected.

"Everything was aligned for a complete maelstrom, that I did not know how I would handle," Carlson said. "And then, one variable changed that completely changed the equation and made it bearable."

According to WCPO, Carlson said he invested $75,000 of his own money to customize the boat he used to make the journey. It has an extra solar panel, covered space to sleep in, and room for supplies.

Carlson's family was waiting at the shore in England to cheer him to the finish line, as was his partner, Priya.

When not pulling off amazing feats of human endurance, Carlson teaches at Seven Hills School, a private academy for students K through 12