Virginia Girl, 10, Sets Record for 4-Leaf Clover Hunting Without Having to Leave Her Yard

Four-Leaf Clover

She found 116 four-leaf clovers in an hour.

A 10-year-old Virginia girl has set a Guinness World Record for the finding four-leaf clovers, and she didn't have to leave her home.

Katie Borka, of Spotsylvania County, discovered 166 four-leaf clovers in one hour in her family’s backyard.

Her parents, Robert and Sara, said that their daughter has a unique talent in finding the clovers and said that she should try and submit her findings to the Guinness World Records

The organization said it did not have any previous entries for finding four-leaf clovers so officials determined that Katie would have to find 25 of them. She found 25 in the first seven minutes of her search, and nearly 100 more over the course of an hour. 

In total, Katie found 166 four-leaf clovers in 60 minutes. 

Her parents said they have submitted the required evidence to Guinness to get her official certification as a world record holder, according to reports. 

As news of her achievement spread, the Spotsylvania County Government congratulated the young girl on their Facebook page.