New York Woman Rhonda Roland Shearer Goes $600K Into Debt to Buy PPE for Health Care Workers

PPE on shelf
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Coronavirus has made people more aware and appreciative of the health care workers and others and the lengths they go to keep people healthy. Now everyone from the nation's biggest sports stars to regular people donating massive amounts of PPE are doing their part to say thank you.

Workers cheered good Samaritan Rhonda Roland Shearer, who is being hailed as New York's patron saint of personal protective equipment after she went $600,000 into debt to purchase masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and face shields for medical personnel. According to the Washington Post, she borrowed the money on a home equity line of credit to buy the gear and did similar work after 9/11. 

In another act of solidarity, Saints quarterback Drew Brees covered his jersey name and replaced it with the name of respiratory therapist Savannah Stuard, who was born without a limb.

Brees is one of several top athletes transforming their uniforms to honor "the real heroes." World Cup champion Alex Morgan and WWE superstar John Cena are also participating. 

Meanwhile, a nurse in Maryland had the surprise of her life as 250 people lined the streets in her Maryland neighborhood to cheer her on as she headed to her night shift. Moira McCarthy is a mom of four and became a nurse just a year ago. 


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