New York Woman Says Her Late Mother's Caretaker Is Now Squatting in Upper East Side Apartment

A New York woman says she hired live-in help to care for her elderly mother, who died two years ago. The caretaker has been living in the dead woman's apartment ever since and refuses to leave, the daughter says.

A New York woman says she regrets the day she hired a live-in caretaker for her 103-year-old ailing mother.

The elderly woman died two years ago, and her daughter says the caretaker and her relatives have been squatting in the dead woman's Upper East Side apartment ever since.

"It's insane. It's absolutely insane," the woman's daughter, Alayne Skylar, told Inside Edition. "How do you do this to somebody who was so good to you, who treated you with love and respect?" 

Skylar said Tatiana Abello was hired in 2016 to care for her mother. 

The daughter said she allowed the caregiver's mother and sister to move in as well. Everything seemed to be fine.

Skylar said her mother seemed to like the caretaker, and the feeling appeared to be mutual. 

Until her mother died and the women refused to leave and threatened to flush the elderly woman's ashes down the toilet, Skylar said.

"If they had thrown my mother down the toilet, I wouldn't be able to get her. That would be the end," the daughter said, breaking down in tears.

Skylar says she has been fighting to get the women evicted.

According to court papers, the trio claim they are lawfully occupying the home because they have "succession rights" to the apartment in Manhattan's toney East Side.  

The building's lobby staff confirmed to Inside Edition that the women were still living in the apartment.

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