New York's 'Vessel' Is Giving Tourists a New View of the City

Inside Edition visited the new Hudson Yards landmark, a climbable sculpture with more than 150 flights of stairs.

Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards neighborhood has officially opened and is being dubbed as "a city within a city.”

At $25 billion, New York City's Hudson Yards is the most expensive private real estate project in U.S. history.

The space has been a decade in the making and is just a short walk from Penn Station, allowing easy access to the area. 

At the center of it all is a new landmark, the "Vessel,” a 150-foot structure that patrons can walk to see break-taking views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan's West Side. 

The sprawling 18 million square feet of space also includes high end condos starting at $3 million and affordable housing, as well as a seven-story shopping mall and 25 restaurants.

“Today, we are a new neighborhood where the West Side all comes together. Today, we created a new model for the world to see a neighborhood development that encourages sustainability and resiliency. Today, we created a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation. Today, once again, we showed that New York will always be the greatest city in the world,” Real Estate CEO Stephen Ross of Related Companies said Friday morning during the unveiling. 

The land was originally planned to be used as the home of the ill-fated West Side Stadium, where the New York Jets were to be hosted and the once hoped-for home of the 2012 Olympics. The 2012 Olympics took place in London, England. 

The stadium was never built but the rest of the area was, and now New Yorkers will have a new place to enjoy the city.