Newborn Twins Named After Older Brothers Who Died in Car Crash Months Before Their Birth

Nine-year-old Camden and 19-month-old Maxwell were killed last year in a car crash.

Twins Isla Camden and Eloise Maxwell Curry don’t have middle names typical of other newborn baby girls. They were named after their older brothers, who were killed in a devastating car wreck just months before they were born.

“They’re not a replacement. Nobody will ever replace them,” North Dakota mom Trista Curry told “But I’ve been telling people grief is just a lot of love with nowhere to go. I had all this love to give and nowhere to put it, and now I can love all these babies.”

Last Easter, Curry and her three children, 9-year-old Camden, 3-year-old Avalon and 19-month-old Maxwell were on their way back to Fargo from visiting their grandmother in Stephen, Minnesota. She said this was a trip they took several times a year.

That’s when their car collided with a semi-trailer truck.

“I remember screaming for help, screaming for people to try and get to the kids,” Curry said. “My daughter Avalon was whimpering after a while. I remember screaming for them to get my boys. They leaned into the window and told me, ‘I’m sorry, but the boys are gone.’”

Avalon escaped the wreck with a fractured skull, a brain bleed and facial fractures. Curry had a broken arm, broken ribs and a lacerated liver, among other injuries. She ended up spending the next two weeks in the hospital.

“I remember coming home and seeing the kids’ stuff,” she said. “My son’s book was still flipped over from where he was last reading it. Seeing their stuff and them not being there — that’s when it hit me more.”

Just three months later, as she was still coming to terms with the loss of her two sons, Curry found out she was pregnant again, this time with twins.

“Pissed, sad, confused, mad,” Curry said of how she felt when she learned she was expecting. “It took a long time to accept it. I was even more angry after a while. I just thought, 'Why am I having two more kids?' I want my boys back.”

But little by little, and with the support of her older daughter, she came to terms with her pregnancy and fell in love with the twins the moment they were born.

“Eloise is more particular on how she sits and what she’s doing, and Isla’s very chill,” Curry said. “I can’t wait to tell the girls about their brothers. They’re going to be sick of it.”