Newlyweds Reunite With Couple Who Crashed Their Wedding: 'It Was Very Boldly Done'

The wedding was held back in October.

A pair of New York newlyweds has reunited with the couple who crashed their October wedding.

Bobby and Casey Butler, of Queens, were watching a video from their big day when they discovered a guy and date hamming it up for the camera and having the time of their life at the wedding.

The Butlers didn't recognize them, and neither did any of their guests.  

“It's not like we're checking IDs here,” Bobby said of the wedding crashers. 

Curiosity about who they were led to a posting on Facebook which read: “Anyone know these folks? They crashed my friends' wedding... and we're not mad. Just want to properly be introduced to legends.” 

Within 20 minutes of the post being up, the mystery man’s cousin texted him to let him know who it was. 

Patrick Goldberg, 22, met the couple at their home and his accomplice, Regina Paskoff, who lives in San Francisco, met the newlyweds via FaceTime. 

“I knew the camera was in my face for that one — wasn't hiding it,” Goldberg said as he viewed a photo from their wedding. “Once you dress the part, people don't question you.”

“I guess we looked like we were part of the party and it was that simple," Paskoff added. "We walked in and looked at each other and was like, we're in."

The Butlers say there are definitely no hard feelings. 

“Overall we are very impressed," Bobby Butler said. "It was very boldly done, jumping in front of the cameras, getting in front of the photographer, smiling, but you know what? It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, isn't that the whole point of a wedding?”