Newlyweds Says They Were Charged Over $570 for Dozen Oysters, 1 Beer, 1 Cocktail at Mykonos Restaurant

Greek Newlyweds
Lindsay and Alex Breen

The restaurant has had a notorious reputation for surprising tourists who go for a bite to eat with a huge bill.

A Canadian couple who were honeymooning in Greece were slapped with a $570 bill for “a quick snack,” they said.

Lindsay and Alex Breen, both 30, were on their honeymoon on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos when they went to a restaurant for what they thought would be a light afternoon snack.

They told Inside Edition the place seemed like a “regular restaurant” and they ordered a dozen oysters as well a beer for Alex and cocktail for Lindsay. The bill came out to $571.34.

The couple tells Inside Edition that they believe this is something the restaurant is intentionally doing and feel they were scammed.

The Breens are not alone. One mother and daughter went to the same restaurant and were changed $600 dollars just for an order of crab legs, earlier this year.

Tourists from around the world say they were gouged and Lindsay warns “be aware of where you are dining.”

According to The Greek City Times, the restaurant was investigated by the regional tourism agency after the earlier incident and fined the equivalent of around $30,000. The restaurant denies any wrongdoing.

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