No Foul Play in Man’s Body Found in SUV Auctioned For Scrap, Cops Say

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The body had been discovered by scrapyard workers moments before the 2002 Ford Explorer was meant to be crushed and sold for scrap.

There were “no obvious indications of foul play” surrounding the body that was discovered in the passenger compartment of an SUV purchased at auction by a Washington state scrapyard, according to a statement obtained by Inside Edition Digital. 

Workers at the Braven Metals scrapyard in Lake Stevens, Washington, said they discovered the body of an adult male inside a 2002 Ford Explorer moments before the car was crushed to be sold for scrap, KING reported. 

Scrapyard workers believe the man had been living in the car before he died, adding that they also found a sleeping bag, KING reported. 

A spokesperson with Braven Metals said the purchase was supposed to be inspected by a third party before arriving at the scrapyard, according to KING.

The Lake Stevens Police Department told Inside Edition Digital the vehicle originated from Bothell – a town 30 minutes north of Seattle – and was towed to a tow yard in June prior to being purchased at an auction by Braven Metals. 

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner is still continuing to investigate the cause of death, according to the Lake Stevens Police Department. 

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