North Carolina Fishing Boat Captain Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize After Stopping for Drink

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A North Carolina fishing boat captain who was feeling lucky won $1 million in the lottery after he stopped at a store for a drink. 

Austin Eubank told the North Carolina Education Lottery he "doesn't normally play," but on Tuesday he took a chance

Thank God he did. 

As Eubank scratched the ticket in the parking lot, he couldn't believe his eyes: He'd won $1 million.

“It’s fun to dream about, but you never expect it to you happen to you,” he said. 

Eubank, who chose to take home a lump sum of $600,000, said he only has one purchase he absolutely has to make: a fishing pole for his son. 

“We are a family who loves to fish,” his wife, Margaret Eubank, said. 


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