Nun Who Posts Play-by-Play of Fellow Sister During Super Bowl Thrills Social Media

Two nuns delight social media with their Super Bowl play-by-play.

They're just two nuns yukking it up while watching the Super Bowl.

Sisters Miriam and Mary have been tweeting their big game reactions for the last three years, much to the delight of an ever-growing fan base.

Sister Miriam's geeky posts never show Mary's full face, mostly only the back of her head and her long skirt.

"People just think it's funny," she told from her order in Corpus Christi, Texas. "People have ideas of nuns, and what convents are like," but with Miriam's silly tweets, "they see that we're real people that love God and just love joy."

On Sunday, for the match-up between Philadelphia and New England, the sisters decided to pray for Philly. Mary is a Bengals fan and Miriam likes the Seahawks. But they're both "anybody-but-the-Pats fans" so it was the Eagles all the way.

"I think people have these ideas that we just kind of float around all day, or that we are not really people," said sister Miriam.

"But we are and so I think (people) are quite delighted to see that we share the same atmosphere as everyone else."

Some highlights from sister Miriam's Twitterfest.