NYC Pharma Millionaire Found Guilty of Killing 8-Year-Old Son Found Dead in Apartment: Reports

Gigi Jordan
Gigi Jordan on the witness stand in 2014 during her trial for the killing of her 8-year-old son.Getty

Gigi Jordan was found dead in her New York apartment after she apparently took her own life, reports said.

Millionaire pharma executive Gigi Jordan was found dead in her New York City apartment in an apparent suicide, according to reports.

Jordan, 62, had been convicted in 2014 of killing her autistic 8-year-old son after she acknowledged feeding him a deadly mix of drugs in 2010. The child, Jude Mirra, had been sexually abused by his father, Jordan alleged, and said she killed him to protect him from further abuse.

The boy's father denied that claim.

She had been sentenced to 18 years in prison after she was convicted of manslaughter, but a New York federal judge in 2020 granted her bail while she appealed that conviction.

Jordan was granted bail after an appellate court ruled there had been a judicial error at her trial.

The New York Police Department said a 62-year-old woman's body had been found Friday in her apartment, but did not release a name. 

Jordan's lawyer, Norman Siegel, told WNBC-TV that her death was "unbelievably sad" and that his client "had a lot still to contribute to society." She sounded in good spirits when they talked the night before she was found dead, Siegel told the station.

The attorney did not respond to a request for comment from Inside Edition Digital.

On the day before her death, the U.S. Supreme Court had revoked her bail, and Jordan appeared to be headed back to prison, according to local reports.

Her death was being investigated as a suicide, according to local media outlets including the New York Post and the New York Daily News.

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