NYPD Detective Dalsh Veve Receives Standing Ovation as He Leaves Rehab After He Was Nearly Killed on the Job


He was dragged several blocks when a teen hit him with a stolen car and dragged him for several blocks.

An NYPD detective was given a standing ovation while leaving rehab after he was nearly killed while trying to make a traffic stop last year.

Detective Dalsh Veve, 36, suffered severe brain damage after he was dragged several blocks when a teenager driving a stolen car hit the gas. 

Veve, a nine-year veteran of the force, spent weeks in a medically induced coma before he was transferred to Kessler Rehabilitation Facility in West Orange, N.J.

In a video of his release that was shared online Monday, Veve was escorted out in a wheelchair. His daughter sat in his lap as he received the ovation from fellow officers.

"This is a positive step in Dalsh’s progress," Police Commissioner James O’Neill said during a press conference. "It’s just such a great day for his family and for the NYPD."

O’Neill said Veve still faces serious challenges but his wife Esther’s faith has kept him strong.

“I’ve never met a person with as much steadfast faith as [Esther] has, and clearly it paid off,” NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Ben Tucker said. "Just a few months ago, Dalsh’s condition seemed really dire and almost irreversible. That’s not the case, it seems."

The teen driver who allegedly hit Veve has been charged with assault and attempted murder in the case.