Officer Dragged by Suspect's Car in Shocking Traffic Stop Caught on Dashcam: Cops

The officer was hanging halfway out of the car following an Ohio traffic stop.

An Ohio police officer remarkably escaped serious injuries this week after he was dragged by a suspect's car during a traffic stop.

The frightening incident was all caught by the Cleveland-area officer's dashcam and bodycam, which show him approaching a gold Honda on a residential street Thursday.

After a brief interaction, the officer attempts to place suspect Jose Camacho under arrest for an outstanding warrant.

In the video, the suspect appears to struggle to stay inside the car as the officer attempts to pull him out by the arm. 

"Please, man, don't! I'm begging you," the suspect says. 

A video released by the Brooklyn, Ohio, police then cuts to dashcam footage, which shows the gold Honda as it suddenly lurches forward with the officer's legs hanging out of the driver's side door.

The car strikes a tree before making a nearly 360-degree turn with the officer still holding on before he tumbles out into the street and the car screeches off.

The officer suffered a shoulder injury and was taken to the hospital but is expected to be OK.

After a brief search, 33-year-old Camacho was found and taken into custody by Cleveland police.