Officer Survives After He's Dragged Half a Mile by Suspect's Car: Cops

Thomas Cabrera now faces a charge of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

A Florida cop is recovering after he was nearly dragged to his death by a suspect's vehicle after the driver took off during a traffic stop, authorities said.

Jon Cusack of the Pembroke Pines Police Department was responding to a call about a possible overdose when he discovered an unresponsive man and woman in a parked car, police said in a statement.

Police say Cusack "made entry into the vehicle in an attempt to check on the welfare of the occupants who remained unresponsive" when a male suspect later identified as Thomas Cabrera allegedly placed the car into drive.

"Our officer reached into the vehicle at this time in an attempt to prevent the suspect from leaving the scene in a possibly impaired state which would endanger our community and the safety of the passenger. The suspect proceeded to leave the scene at a high rate of speed, and dragged the officer for over half a mile wherein the officer was clinging to the vehicle to avoid being run over," the police statement reads.

Cusack, 47, let go of the vehicle when the suspect slowed down while nearing an exit, police said. He was given immediate care by Fire-Rescue officials who'd spotted the officer as he clung to the vehicle and quickly taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Astonishingly, Cusack's heart-stopping brush with death was caught on his body camera, footage from which has been shared with the public.

Despite suffering extreme road rash and losing the entire soles of his shoes, police say Cusack is doing "very good."

After a pursuit that led them onto a highway, police say they were able to apprehend Cabrera and his female passenger.

Cabrera faces a charge of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

The passenger has reportedly not been charged.