Ohio Man Arrested for Offering $20,000 to Make His Wife to 'Disappear' in Murder-for-Hire Plot, FBI Says

Scott Allen Renninger, 52, was taken into custody without incident.
Scott Allen Renninger, 52, was taken into custody without incident.(Getty)

Scott Allen Renninger, 52, faces a charge of conspiring to commit murder.

An Ohio man who allegedly wanted his wife to “disappear” was arrested and charged Tuesday for conspiring to commit murder, federal authorities said. Scott Allen Renninger, 52, of Uniontown, was taken into custody from his home without incident.

Renninger had his first conversation with a confidential source earlier this month, in which he allegedly said he would face backlash “once it all goes down,” but he accepts it and is prepared for it.

In his next conversation with another source, Renninger allegedly discussed a life insurance policy taken out in his wife’s name as well as a payment of $20,000 to make his wife “disappear … you know, like if they never find her,” the FBI said in a statement. He also said he knows the $20,000 would need to be paid in small bills to avoid signaling a transaction over $10,000 took place, as such a transaction would be flagged, according to the statement.

He appeared in court for an initial appearance on Tuesday. No additional information has been listed.