After NorCal Rapist Is Convicted, His 1st Victim Speaks Out About Finally Getting Justice

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Roy Charles Waller, also known as the NorCal rapist, terrorized multiple women over a span of 15 years in Northern California. Now, a jury has convicted the 60-year-old of raping nine women, and his first known victim, Nicole Earnest-Payte, is speaking out about his conviction.

Prosecutors say the serial rapist would learn a victim's name, study their daily routines, break into their homes late at night and often tie them up for hours with their eyes taped shut.

Earnest-Payte was 21 years old when Waller broke into her home in 1991, put a gun to her head and attacked her.

“I was a victim of a very violent crime,” Earnest-Payte told Inside Edition. She said that it was “very overwhelming” to hear the guilty verdict handed down.

“I've waited 29 years to hear those words,” she said.

Waller’s capture is being compared to that of Joseph James DeAngelo, more commonly known as the Golden State Killer, who committed 13 murders and 50 rapes in Northern California.

Like DeAngelo, Waller was also nabbed using the public genealogy website GEDmatch.

“The amount of pain and suffering and carnage that this person has created for so many people is shocking,” Earnest-Payne said.

Waller is set to be sentenced next month. Earnest-Payte said she will be there and looks forward to delivering a victim impact statement in court.


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