Ohio Man Arrested in Alleged Assault of MSNBC’s Shaquille Brewster He Confronted Live On-Air

The incident happened when MSNBC reporter Shaquille Brewster was reporting live on Tropical Storm Ida.

The man who police say accosted an MSNBC reporter during his hurricane coverage has been arrested. 

Benjamin Eugene Dagley was arrested in Dayton, Ohio, the U.S. Marshals said. 

Police in Gulfport, Mississippi, had issued an arrest warrant for him, saying that he is the man seen confronting MSNBC reporter Shaquille Brewster as he was reporting live on Tropical Storm Ida.

Dagley has been charged with two counts of simple assault, one count disturbance of the peace and one count of emergency curfew violation.

Dagley also had a warrant out on him in Ohio for a probation violation, authorities said.

Dagley was taken into custody in a shopping plaza after authorities said they spotted his white pickup truck in the parking lot.

"Due to assistance provided by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, our task force members were able to track this fugitive from Mississippi to his arrest location in Dayton," U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott said in a statement. "This violent fugitive was attempting to flee from his charges in Gulfport but the swift work of our task force members resulted in a timely arrest.”

Brewster later tweeted, “Appreciate the concern guys. The team and I are all good!”

MSNBC host Craig Melvin, who was anchoring the broadcast at the time Brewster was confronted, wrote on Twitter: “This is beyond unacceptable and disgusting. @shaqbrewster was trying to do his job on a beach in Gulfport, MS. Shaq is ok. This guy who nearly attacked him clearly is not.”

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