Ohio Mom Accidentally Shoots Daughter Who Comes Home From College in Surprise Visit

Police are investigating the shooting.
Police are investigating the shooting. iStock

The mother thought there was an intruder in her home.

An 18-year-old college student was shot by her mother when the girl came home on a recent unexpected visit, authorities said.

Hannah Jones ran into her mother's bedroom in Girard, Ohio, hoping to surprise her. Instead, she frightened her mom, who has a concealed weapon carrying permit, police said. Renee Jones, thinking there was an intruder, fired one round at the doorway, hitting her daughter in the arm.

"As I ran through the door, she was in fear for her life and shot me," the girl said on her Facebook account, which has since been deleted. The student also put up photos of herself in the hospital with a heavily bandaged arm and said she was very glad to be alive, the New York Post reported. 

Hannah's boyfriend, who had entered the home behind her, had called 911. "My girlfriend just came home from college and her mom didn't know, like honestly — she accidentally shot her and we don't know what to do," according to audio of the emergency call obtained by WFMJ-TV.

"OK, and how bad is she bleeding," the dispatcher asks.

"It's pretty bad," the boyfriend replies.

The teen suffered three fractures in her elbow from the shooting and underwent surgery to insert metal plates and screws in her injured arm, her now-deleted posts said. 

Girard Police Chief John Norman said the mother "had a gun readily available and she fired a round at someone coming through the door," the station reported. Afterward, the mom was "clearly distraught," Norman said.

The August incident is under investigation, he said, and a prosecutor will decide if any charges should be filed.