Ohio Restaurant Customer Slaps Manager Across the Face After Being Asked to Re-Insert Credit Card

It's the latest incident of out-of-control customers accosting restaurant workers.

A restaurant patron was captured in surveillance video slapping an employee across the face in the latest incident of out-of-control customers accosting workers.

It happened in Columbus, Ohio, to manager Courtney Hickey, who says the customer lashed out when asked to re-insert her credit card.

“I’m pretty sure I was looking down at the time when she did it, because I just didn't even see it coming at all,” Hickey said.

The blow across her face was so hard that it knocked Hickey’s glasses off.

“I caught myself and tried to assess the situation as quickly as I possibly could,” Hickey said. 

Just last month, an angry customer was captured on video throwing soup into a restaurant manager’s face in Texas. The culprit was arrested and charged with assault.

In Atlanta, a wild melee broke out at a McDonald’s drive-thru after customers were reportedly upset that the restaurant ran out of Splenda. 

In another incident at a Chick-fil-A, a man jumped behind the counter, saying his order took too long.

“Most customers are polite and they’re nice to restaurant workers. But for those that are obnoxious or aggressive, they need to know that it’s unacceptable. They cannot do it, and restaurant workers need to be kept safe ,” said Andrew Riggi, the executive director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance.

Hickey says it’s unfortunate that the assaults are happening way too often.

“The potential of getting hit or worse is always a possibility, and I’m just glad it wasn’t worse,” Hickey said.

The woman who hit Hickey has not been taken into custody.

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