Oklahoma Deputy Revived 3 Times After Freak Accident Leaves Him Pinned in His Patrol Car

Deputy Jeremy McCain is in "stable but critical condition" after a freak accident.
Deputy Jeremy McCain is in "stable but critical condition" after a freak accident.Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department

As of Monday, Deputy Jeremy McCain, who is a single father of an autistic boy, is in "stable but critical condition," authorities said.

An Oklahoma County police officer who suffered a freak accident while leaving a school is continuing to fight for his life after bystanders and medical professionals revived him three times.

Deputy Jeremy McCain, who has been with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department for 11 years, is in “stable but critical condition,” as of Monday, authorities said.

“It is truly a miracle he is still with us,” Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III said during a press conference.

But his family said in a letter authorities shared that “we aren’t out of the water yet.”  

McCain, a single father of an autistic boy, was driving away from the Oklahoma Christian School when his patrol car crashed into a security gate, Johnson said. The gate then went through his front windshield, pinning McCain in his car, he said.

His heart stopped from the crush injury, but bystanders who were there “at the right place at the right time,” were able to revive him at the scene of the accident, he said.

Later, in the emergency room, McCain’s heart stopped again, and a doctor overseeing him was able to open his chest and manually massage his heart for 10 minutes before it restarted, he said.

“How big is it when the doctor comes out to explain to me the shape he was in?” Johnson said.

McCain’s heart stopped a third time while he was in surgery, he said.

McCain suffered extensive injuries, including a broken neck, but doctors don’t believe he has suffered any brain damage from the accident or subsequent treatment, authorities said. “We’re still very positive that he has very good brain function,” Johnson said.

“He has defeated many odds thus far and continues to fight the good fight,” his family said in a letter. “He is both mentally and physically strong. He is a warrior.”

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