Olympians Show Off Their Gold Medal-Winning Curling Skills to Begin Broadway Show

It was a surprise for everyone.

The crowd chanted “U-S-A! U-S-A!” as the 2018 Olympic curling gold medalists were called out at a recent production of The Play That Goes Wrong on Broadway.

At the beginning of each show, audience members are called onto the stage and given brooms to help fix the set that’s “falling apart,” in line with the play’s theme of everything going wrong. 

Only on this special night, it was Olympians Tyler George and Matt Hamilton called on stage by the play’s actors to help. 

And of course they took the opportunity to show off their curling skills with the brooms — just as they would on the ice.

Actress Ashley Bryant then placed the athletes’ gold medals around their necks.

The moment was reportedly a surprise for everyone in the audience.