One DEA Agent Dead and Two Injured in Tucson Amtrak Shootout

Amtrak train with staff walking besideAmtrak train with staff walking beside
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DEA agents were met with gunfire during a confrontation on an Amtrak train, resulting in the death of an officer. The gunman was found dead on the train.

During a confrontation with a suspect, shots were fired, leading to the death of a DEA agent, authorities say. 

The incident occurred during an Amtrak stop in Tucson, on the train line that runs between Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Luckily, none of the 137 passengers or 11 crew members on the train were injured during the incident, according to an Amtrak spokesperson. 

"They were checking for illegal guns, money, drugs, this is something they do, as I said, routinely," Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said to CBS.

According to CBS, shots were fired before a K-9 officer ran towards the gunman, which followed additional gunfire, and the officer fled the train as the gunman fired at and struck him. 

According to Special Agent in Charge Sherry Oz, a task force officer is also among those injured in the shootout, but is in stable condition, and another agent is in critical condition. 

The suspected shooter was found dead on the train and a second suspect was taken into custody, Magnus said. 

The FBI is "processing the scene with assistance from ATF and Tucson PD," according to a statement from the bureau. 

It is unclear if the shooter shot himself or was killed by law enforcement, according to authorities. 

According to authorities, the investigation is ongoing.

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