One Tall Order! 500 Students Dress as Abraham Lincoln in Bid to Set World Record

More than 500 students and teachers at the Lincoln Performing Arts School in Kentucky donned a black hat and beard.

Four score and 500 children ago...

On Wednesday, hundreds of students and teachers at a Kentucky elementary school wore black hats and black beards in a bid to set a world record for "Most Abraham Lincolns in One Place."

Lincoln Performing Arts School Assistant Principal Mike Ice, who organized the event with Principal Susan French-Epps, told that they're still waiting to find out whether they officially broke the record.

He said Guinness Book of World Records told him he needed 250 Honest Abes, and he's expecting a confirmation over the coming weeks.

"I'm calling everything unofficial!" he said.

Ice said he thought the event would be a good way to honor the school's namesake.

"We like to do fun, interesting, outside-of-the-box events, things that are memory makers for our kids," he said. "I thought, 'I wonder if anyone has ever dressed as Abraham Lincoln?' and I started Googling."

They decided to hold the event Monday, Feb. 12, Lincoln's 209th birthday. Unfortunately, a snow day forced Ice to reschedule the event for two days later, on Valentine's Day.

"Every child made a paper stove top hat, made a paper beard and wore a black shirt. It was amazing for 500-plus children to do that," Ice said.

The final number was 556.

"We discussed the history of Abraham Lincoln, his contribution to society and emancipation, which also fits with Black History Month," Ice said.

Larry Elliott, a Lincoln impersonator, also attended the event, where he delivered the Gettysburg Address to the children. He held a cake as the students sang "Happy Birthday."

"It became a whole educational program," Ice added.

Whether or not they officially break the record, Ice says the day was a success.

"The kids absolutely enjoyed it," he said. "It's all in the interest of the children."