Opposition Leaders Throw Tear Gas Inside Chambers of Kosovo Parliament

The incident stemmed from a dispute over a 2015 territory deal.

Tear gas canisters recently spewed noxious green gas inside Kosovo's parliament chambers in what officials say was a bizarre stunt by opposition leaders protesting a territory deal.

Video from inside the Kosovo Assembly shows the otherworldly scene as Wednesday's parliament vote on a border demarcation deal with Montenegro was intentionally disrupted by the gas.

Thick smoke can be seen filling the chambers as people slowly evacuate, wiping their eyes.

The canisters were reportedly thrown by members of the Self-Determination Movement Party, known as "Vetevendosje," who say Kosovo, which was a part of the former Yugoslavia, loses 20,000 acres of its territory with the 2015 deal, though the previous government and international experts deny that.

Montenegro, which has approved the deal, recognizes Kosovo's 2008 independence from Serbia, which Belgrade still rejects.

U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie tweeted that "violence as a political tool has no place."

Members said they hoped the vote would resume Wednesday.