Orphaned Bears in Colorado Rescued and Taken to Artificial Den to Hibernate

The bears' mother had to be put down last year so the Colorado Parks and Wildlife stepped in to help.

Three orphaned bear cubs were taken on a sled ride an artificial den where they will stay to hibernate during the winter. 

Employees with Colorado Parks and Wildlife tranquilized the baby bears so they could transport the cubs in a moment captured on video. 

Their mom had to be put down after she broke into a house with people inside, leaving the three cubs to fend for themselves.

“We had a whole bunch of bears this year that for one reason or another got taken to a rehabilitator who we use,” Frank McGee, an area wildlife manager, told InsideEdition.com.

At Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation in Wetmore, the bears are then fed and taken care of until they can fend for themselves.

“Then we take and relocate [the bears] into an artificial den somewhere up on the mountain so when they wake up they are kind of in a natural setting in an area where we know there is going to be good food for bears, give them another chance of being a normal healthy bear essentially,” McGee said. 

This season Colorado Parks and Wildlife has helped rescue 15 bears. 

These little cubs will safely hibernate for the rest of the winter.