Over 8,500 in Germany Have Possibly Received Saline Instead of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Nursing Error

Gloved hands touching Moderna vaccine vial next to Pfizer vaccine vialGloved hands touching Moderna vaccine vial next to Pfizer vaccine vial
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According to police, a nurse in Germany told a colleague about her mistake and her attempted cover-up, but authorities have discovered that it has spread far past the one day she claimed it happened.

Saline solution may have been given to over 8,500 people in Germany instead of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In April, a former Red Cross employee who worked at a German vaccination center told a colleague that she had accidentally dropped a vial with the vaccine, and filled six syringes with saline instead to cover it up. When discovered, she was immediately fired, according to the police and published reports.  

Authorities conducted antibody tests on visitors of the center that day, but discovered that more people were likely affected, potentially including vaccinations administered between March 5 and April 20, at specific times, according to CBS News.

More than 100 people visited the vaccination center that first day in question, and they were invited to receive a follow-up vaccination, considering it was no longer possible to track who had received the saline from one the six syringes.

​​Because of the length of time that has passed, antibody tests to check their vaccination status are not conclusive, so all those affected will immediately be informed of their potential vulnerability to the virus and offered new vaccine shots, according to CBS.

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