Overweight Arbuckle the Hedgehog Goes on a Diet


An animal center is hoping to get him to exercise.

A hedgehog in Scotland that is believed to be the heaviest in the country has been put on a diet. 

The New Arc Animal Rescue Centre in Aberdeenshire recently received the animal, named Arbuckle.

Arbuckle was taken in by a civilian last year to save him from the brutal Scottish winter. After taking care of Arbuckle in the colder months, the man noticed his new friend would not leave his home once the weather got warmer. 

Arbuckle likely didn't want to leave the man's home because he was well fed, the New Arc Animal Rescue Centre said in a Facebook post.

“Arbuckle weighed in at a massive 2.335 kilos (just over 5 pounds), which might well make him Scotland’s heaviest-ever hedgehog, if not the U.K.’s. At roughly 4 times the weight of an average hedgehog for this time of year,” they wrote.

The spiny mammal is more than double the average size of the animal, which makes getting around difficult for him. 

“Arbuckle can hardly walk and is unable to curl into a defensive 'ball' so needs to go on a diet if he is to have any chance of surviving in the wild,” the rescue facility said in its Facebook post. 

The animal center is also hoping to get Arbuckle to exercise by scattering food across his habitat. 

"This will have to be a gradual process and we can only hope that his internal organs and bone structure can adapt and that any damage done is reversible," they added.