Owner of 'Flintstones House' Fights to Keep Elaborate Homage to 1960s Cartoon

The town of Hillsborough is calling the property a "public nuisance."

It seems like a San Francisco suburb was not so keen to “meet the Flintstones.”

The town of Hillsborough is demanding the owner of a Bedrock-esque property to take down the elaborate homage to the 1960s cartoon she has installed at her home.

"What is at issue is the installation of dinosaur and animal statues, Yabba Dabba Do signs, lots of other decorations — all of which need a design review and building permits, which she didn't have,” said Hillsborough attorney Mark Hudak, according to APTN.

Hudak added that the home is seen as a “public nuisance.”

Homeowner and retired publishing mogul Florence Fang and her attorney Angela Alioto argue that the Flintstones property is actually beloved, dinosaur sculptures and all.

“It's always been a very popular home in Northern California,” Alioto said. “People love going by it on [Interstate] 280. They look forward to it."

The home, built in 1976, is shaped like a home that appears in the cartoon and features walls, hallways and doorways mimicking the inside of a cave or rock.

Most striking is the home’s landscaping, which features colorful sculptures of Flintstones' characters, mushrooms, dinosaurs and giraffes. A colorful sign that reads “Yabba Dabba Do” greets visitors and is visible from the street.