Drivers Have Standoff for Parking Spot for Over an Hour

A witness captured the jockeying from her apartment overlooking the spot and posted the video, along with running commentary.

It was an epic standoff as two drivers were jockeying for the same parking spot in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles

Mariah Flores recorded the hourlong drama from her apartment with running commentary.

“If this were some type of sport, I’d imagine we’re nearing halftime," she noted on social media 25 minutes into the situation. "Sun goes down in less than 30, also parking spot had opened up across the street, but seems like this is more about the principle.”

The black car was trying to back into the spot while the silver car was going forward, and no one was willing to give in.

The impasse started in daylight and didn't come to an end until after nightfall with the standoff lasting over an hour. That's when a space suddenly opened up in front of them, allowing both drivers to get a spot.

“I think they were both women drivers because they never lost their temper, they never started beeping or cursing at each other,” Flores said. 

Flores got so wrapped up in the saga she left both drivers letters on their windshields.

To the silver car, she wrote, “Dear silver car I admire your resilience.”

To the black car, she wrote: ‘I always wanted you to win.”