Owner of Flintstone House in San Francisco Will Receive $125,000 in a Settlement From Her Town

Side shot of Flinstone HouseSide shot of Flinstone House
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Florence Fang and her city reach settlement after alleged attempts to coerce and racially discriminate against her.

The owner of the "Flintstone House" will receive a settlement from her town after it challenged her eccentric decorative decisions.

The house is made of six aeronautical balloons covered in wire mesh and covered in concrete, according to a 2019 piece by The Guardian,

The original 2,700-square-foot San Francisco home was originally built in 1976, and was purchased by Florence Fang  — a multimillionaire businesswoman, former owner of the San Francisco Examiner and AsianWeek, and the first Asian American to own a major daily newspaper in the US — in 2017 for $2.8 million.

Fang began to add features to enhance the theme, but was met with pushback from her community. The issue began with an inspector claiming that her garden sculptures required a permit due to their size, among other requested changes and “justifications” for her design choices.

The countersuit that Fang filed was partly for discrimination because of racially charged statements allegedly made by the inspector involved, according to The New York Post.

Fang will be paid $125,000 due to the town's attempts to “intimidate, threaten and coerce” her into toning down the look of the “Flintstone House,” according to The Post.

“The Parties have reached an amicable resolution of the case...” according to the press statement.

“I just wanted my peaceful life. I’m a very, very regular, retired old lady… But of course, a little different,” she told the Guardian. “I have all kinds of dreams.”

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