Wisconsin Couple Show Their Pride Despite HOA Rules Limiting Flags

Fachino and Memo home lit by pride colored floodlights
Memo upload from Imgur

A Wisconsin couple are now celebrating Pride month with multicolored floodlights after being told to take down their Pride flag.

Memo Fachino and Lance Mier, a couple living in Wisconsin, recently caught the attention of many through a Reddit thread where they shared their way of showing pride despite their state's HOA rules.

The men said that while flags are listed as an issue for the housing association, there are many households that fly different flags without any issue.

Fachino, 35, and Mier, 36, have been observing Pride season in this same way for the past five years, almost as long as they have been in the neighborhood. This year, however, they received an email asking them to remove their flag due to HOA guidelines.

The couple said that they felt some initial frustration after being told to remove it, but they are firm on the fact that this wasn’t a discrimination-based request. “We never felt attacked, singled out or discriminated against based on our individuality. We have friendly relationships with our neighbors, participate in activities, enjoy the pool alongside other residents, all without issue. We feel very welcomed here,” the couple told Inside Edition. 

In an effort to showcase their pride while still following the guidelines, the couple set up flood lights in a rainbow formation. 

The couple told Inside Edition that they chuckled because even though their exterior lighting is only visible for three hours every night, it is a lot more noticeable than their original flag. 

Fachino actually sits on the neighborhood board, and says that while he does not completely agree with the flag ruling, he understands and respects it, and holds no ill-feelings towards his co-directors. When asked about his decision to join the board, he said, “We like to be involved, and this was a good way to do that. I'm appreciative of the opportunity.”

“I'm grateful to the Board for saying that they would be open to review it if we could come up with proper wording that might prevent future neighbors frictions while allowing for displays of individuality. ”

The two men shared that their goal for continuing to celebrate Pride in this way is to provide representation and comfort for others within the lGBTQ+ community. 

“If we were on the market for a home, we would love to find a neighborhood that's diverse, inclusive and welcoming." they said.

"In the past, displaying our Pride flag gave hope to someone on our road that was struggling with their own gender identity, so if this helps someone else out there, then that's great.”

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