Pair of 4-Year-Old Girls Truly Believe They're Twins Who Have the 'Same Soul'

They became friends a year ago.

These 4-year-old girls are twins, no matter what anyone else says.

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland, both of Miami, have been attending the same preschool for a year and have become the best of buds. If anyone asks, the girls will gladly let them know they are twins as they “have the same birthday.”

Valencia Copeland

But the fact that Jia was actually born on June 3 and Zuri on June 5, doesn’t matter to them, and neither does their difference in skin color.

Zuri’s mom, Valencia Copeland, said she and Jia’s mom, Ashley Sarnicola, realized how close the girls had become during parents night in the fall.

“The teachers told us they call each other twins and we don’t have the heart to tell them they are not,” Copeland said. 

Recently, when the 4-year-olds were at a party together and holding hands, two other children told them that they weren’t twins because they “don’t have the same skin color.”

Credit: Ron Johnson

Zuri cried at the notion that the girls didn’t believe them until Jia quickly stepped in.

“You don’t know anything — we have the same birthday and the same soul,” Jia told the girls.

Copeland said she was sad that the girls had to defend themselves, but both she and Sarnicola are proud.

“They stood up for themselves and what they believed in,” Copeland said.