Paralyzed Woman Pulled From Grave 3 Days After Being Buried Alive by Son: Police

A man in China was arrested after allegedly burying his mother alive, police said.
The man was arrested by police. Getty/Stock

The son allegedly told police he was tired of his bedridden mother's smell.

A man in China was arrested after he allegedly buried alive his paralyzed mother because he was fed up with the smell of her incontinence, according to reports. Police were able to rescue the 79-year-old woman after hearing faint cries from an abandoned grave, authorities said.

The man's wife contacted authorities after husband returned alone from an outing with the elderly woman. The son later acknowledge to investigators he had left his disabled mother in an empty grave because he was sick of her inability to control her bowels, the reports said.

The woman survived for three days in the hole and was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

An investigation into the event is ongoing, investigators said.