Parents-To-Be Crack Pink and Blue Eggs on Their Foreheads to Reveal Baby's Gender

The couple wanted to do an "egg roulette" gender reveal, inspired by a game Jimmy Fallon plays with celebrity guests on his show.

A Kentucky couple cracked eggs against their foreheads, all in the name of finding out the gender of their baby.

After Dallen and Molli Reber of Lexington took turns smashing 11 hard boiled eggs on their foreheads, the 12th egg cracked open on Molli’s forehead to reveal a runny center – and that the couple would be having a baby girl.

“The clean up was not messy at all,” Molli joked, in an interview with “My dog ate all the raw egg yolk and we peeled the rest of the hard boiled eggs and made egg salad.”

She explained they got the idea from Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” where the host invites celebrity guests to play a game of egg roulette – where players crack eggs on their heads not knowing which are hard boiled or raw.

They decided to give her sister the results of the ultrasound, and she would be in charge of dying the correct eggs pink and blue.

Then, Molli and Dallen took turns cracking either a pink or blue egg on their forehead.

But, it seemed no matter how many eggs the Rebers cracked on their foreheads during their gender reveal party, none of them revealed a runny inside.

“I thought for a second my little sister was pranking us and was going to let us crack all the eggs before she told us,” Molli said. “When we got to the last two eggs, a pink egg and a blue egg, I thought the baby was going to be a boy so I made Dallen take the blue egg. I was wrong.”

And, even though each of them cracked about half a dozen eggs on their foreheads, Molli said they’re both doing fine after the reveal.

“Cracking an egg on your head looks like it is a lot more painful then it actually is,” she explained. “We did not even have red marks on our foreheads.”