Parents Dare 9-Year-Old Son to Wear Hot Dog Costume for School Photos — and He Does

It was hilarious, his dad said.
Craig Arsenault

Two parents dared their 9-year-old son to wear a hot dog costume for school picture day. He did it, and the results were priceless. 

Craig Arsenault, who lives in Maine, said his fourth grade son, Jake Arsenault, wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but that quickly changed when the dad offered him some cash.

“I told him I’d give him 10 bucks,” Arsenault told “I was not expecting the school to allow it.”

The hot dog costume had been Jake’s costume from Halloween two years ago. His mom wrote the school telling them that they were OK with Jake throwing it on for picture day. The school agreed it was fine. 

Jake put on the costume right before taking the picture and smiled as usual. When the family saw Jake’s school ID, they thought it was beyond hilarious.

“It was stupid,” Arsenault joked. “I was laughing my a** off. I couldn’t believe the school let him do it.”

The picture will also go in the yearbook, Arsenault said.

People online joked about the picture.

“Now he needs to wear that costume every day so his ID is correct," one Facebook user wrote. 


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