Parents of Prosecutor Killed on Remote Island Will Take Her Body Home With Them

Rachelle Bergeron was shot dead after going for a run with her dog on the island of Yap.

The devastated parents of a slain American prosecutor have arrived on the Pacific island of Yap, where their daughter was gunned down last week.

Rachelle Bergeron, 33, was shot to death after going for a run with her dog on Oct. 14 on the island, where she served as acting attorney general. Her dog was also fatally shot. 

Inside Edition's cameras were there as Rachelle's parents, Tom and Tammy Bergeron, landed, having traveled from their home in Wisconsin, a journey that took more than a day. 

They were greeted by Rachelle's new husband, and now widower, Simon Hammerling. 

"We were about two weeks away from our first year of anniversary and I am just really happy I could at least have one year," he told Inside Edition. 

When they arrived at Rachelle and Hammerling's home, the two parents discovered that the islanders had created a memorial of her favorite flowers, bringing tears to her father's eyes. 

"We really wanted to grieve with the people here. There are so many good people on the island," said Tammy. "Yes, there are a few evil people and they'll figure that out. That's their job, not ours."

Local reports say that investigators have a good idea of who shot Rachelle. The FBI is assisting in the hunt for the killer. 

Yap island is a former U.S. territory and one of the most remote places on Earth, situated about 4,500 miles west of Hawaii. Its crystal-clear waters make it a prime destination for divers. 

When Tom and Tammy return home, they are taking Rachelle's body with them.

"She was taken from us so quickly, it felt like an amputation," added Tom of the loss of his daughter. "The sorrow is so hard."