Is Part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Jeopardy? Forecast Calls for High Winds

If the balloons get loose, they could do some serious damage.

The famed Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has gone ahead, rain or shine, for years, but could this Thursday's weather prove to be too much?

Frigid temperatures are predicted for New York City, the site of the parade, as are high winds, which might threaten the balloons. If they got loose, they could do some serious damage.

But Macy's insists the parade, which has never been canceled because of weather, will go ahead, telling USA Today that police will decide whether it's safe for the balloons to fly on Thursday morning, "based on the current weather data available from the parade route and a number of additional sources," a spokesperson said. 

Make sure to bundle up if you're planning to line the streets, however. Temperatures are predicted to be the lowest they've been since 1996, with wind chills in the single digits, according to ABC News

But staying inside could prove hazardous to your health as well. Inside Edition asked Dr. Mehmet Oz for some tips on keeping the peace at the Thanksgiving dinner table in these politically charged times.

His first piece of advice? Don't drink too much. For every glass of alcohol you consume, make sure to drink a glass of water as well. And if you need to take five minutes to yourself, do it, he added. Finally, don't spend the whole day gorging, get some activity. After all, getting those endorphins is key when it comes to dealing with tough relatives