How These Animals Are Beating the Scorching Temperatures in China

From ice to fruits, zookeepers are doing what they can to help.

Animals in China are trying to keep cool in the summer heat.

From pandas hanging around on blocks of ice to other animals devouring the freezing chunks to cool off, the residents at Shanghai Wild Animal Park are doing what they can to ward off the soaring temperatures.

Thankfully, zookeepers are making it easier by giving the animals fresh fruit and even herbal medicines.

"The animals consume about nine tons of ice in days when the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius [95 degrees Fahrenheit]. But if the temperature exceeds 38 degrees [100 degrees], twice as much ice will be used for the animals to release the heat and prevent sunstroke," said Zhou Liang, one of the breeders.

Electric fans and mist sprayers are also helping the animals beat the heat.