2 Sets of Twin Panda Cubs Are the First to Be Born in 2018

They're getting around-the-clock care.

China's Research Base of Giant Panda breeding has some big news: four little bundles of joy were recently born and are currently being cared for in the Chengdu facility.

Two sets of twins, the first born in 2018, are getting extra special attention, including around-the-clock care in incubators. 

The little fuzzballs were born at the end of May and in early June.

The baby giant pandas start showing their usual black and white coloring just a week after they're born, so these guys are quickly leaving the squirmy pink stage.

According to researchers, the twins are all in good health, and that's a good thing since there are fewer than 2,000 giant pandas living in the wild.

That makes these babies a welcome addition to the panda party.