Cute Baby Panda Falls Asleep During Her Public Debut

How precious!

A cuddly baby panda took a snooze during her debut at a Malaysian zoo.

The 5-month old female, which has not yet been named, was seen drifting off to sleep as a zookeeper petted her before reporters, photographers and zoo visitors.

Members of the media watched the cub in an air-conditioned enclosure at the national zoo through a glass shield.

She didn’t let the attention stop her from taking a nap, however.

The baby is the second offspring of giant pandas Liang Liang and Xing Xing, both of which have been on a 10-year loan to Malaysia since 2014.

The first cub, a female called Nuan Nuan that was born in August 2015, was sent back to China last November as part of a deal with Beijing to return cubs born in captivity at age 2.

Zoo officials said the baby panda's parents broke the world record for a second baby in four years via natural reproduction.