Partially Blind Dog That Survived Euthanasia Attempt Is Up for Adoption

Credit: Cuz I Matter Animal Rescue
Credit: Cuz I Matter Animal Rescue

He defied the odds.

A dog is receiving a second chance at life after a failed euthanasia attempt left him partially blind.

Valor, who is now up for adoption, was found wandering on a Texas road last month. Lorrie Anding, the foster coordinator for Cuz i Matter Animal Rescue in Pflugerville, TX., said she believes the young canine was given the wrong dose of a lethal drug injected to euthanize animals and was then discarded.

“I’ve never heard of that before. It’s unbelievable,” Anding told

Valor, however, wasn’t dead.

“When he woke up he started running. It took a local shelter four days to finally get their hands on him,” Anding said. “He was petrified of leashes and people.”

There was still a chance Valor would be sent to a shelter where he’d euthanized again so a local shelter reached out to Anding.

Thankfully, Anding was able to find a woman, Kathryn Lippert, to foster the dog.

Lippert has started the process of helping Valor socialize again.

Even through blindness and being diagnosed with heartworm, Valor has come a long way

“He is doing great,” Anding said. “He is with a really good foster family. He has a very good personality but he is still warming up to humans.”

Anding said the 2 or 3-year-old pup, a blue heeler mix, loves to be around other dogs.

Now that he is up for adoption, they hope to place him with someone who has other animals.