'Passionate' 6-Year-Old Baseball Coach Throws Tantrum After He's Ejected From Game

Coach Drake is a huge hit at the Kalamazoo Growlers games.

This pint-size baseball coach is not happy with the umpire's call. 

Six-year-old Coach Drake Livingston, an honorary coach with the Kalamazoo Growlers in Michigan, is a huge hit at the games. But his fiery temper sometimes gets him into trouble, as was the case this past Saturday. 

Drake let the ump know he was displeased with a call, kicking dirt on his shoes. The result? Automatic ejection.

Drake didn't take it lying down, though. From the dugout, he threw a tantrum, hurling bats and balls onto the field. 

6-year old Coach Drake LOSES it after ejection. pic.twitter.com/S9W0Xuj5fo

— Kalamazoo Growlers (@kzoogrowlers) July 16, 2019

"He went out to talk to them about the play and they didn't agree," dad Cody Livingston told Inside Edition. "Sometimes he gets a little excited, a little passionate."

Livingston added that his son is generally a good sport and puts on theatrics to pump the players up. 

"[He] keeps the guys having a good attitude," the proud dad said.