Are These Look-Alike Baseball Players Related?

Inside Edition had them take a DNA test to see if they are long-lost twins separated at birth.

These two minor league pitchers may look related, but are they?

Inside Edition first profiled the look-alike baseball players last year. They have the same red hair, glasses and beards, but most amazingly they share the same first and last names: Brady Feigl. 

After their story aired, Inside Edition was inundated with requests to see if the pair are, in fact, long-lost twins separated at birth. So we arranged a DNA test. 

The two Brady Feigls came together to open the results. 

"It says I'm 53 percent Germanic Europe," said one Brady Feigl. Any Italian roots? asked the other Brady Feigl. "I got 4 percent," he added. 

But alas, they weren't a perfect match. 

They're not letting it get them down, though. 

"We're still brothers in a way I guess," said one. 

"And we're always going to be Brady Feigl," said the other.