Meet the 2 Look-Alike Baseball Players With the Same Name Who Swear They Are Not Related

They both are pitchers for minor league baseball teams.

At first glance, these two minor league baseball players look like they could be identical twins, but remarkably, they say they are unrelated. 

And if that's not surprising enough, they also share the same name: Brady Feigl. 

Both athletes tell Inside Edition they have never met anyone with their uncommon name. 

They both stand at 6-foot-4 and are pitchers. They also have the same red hair, red beards and glasses. 

One of the major differences is that one of the Bradys is left-handed, while the other one throws right-handed.

One Brady plays for a Single-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s while the other pitches for the Texas Rangers’ Triple-A club. 

Inside Edition recently brought the pair together in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where it was revealed they both underwent Tommy John surgery — performed by the same doctor.

One of the guy’s girlfriends wanted to meet her man’s so-called doppelganger in person and she claims she can tell them apart. 

In the spirit of good sportsmanship, each athlete said the other is a better baseball player than themselves.