This Woman's Shock of White Hair Makes Her Look Just Like Cruella de Vil

Yolanda Flores, 41, has vitiligo.

This 41-year-old woman's dramatic hair catches the attention of people everywhere she goes, drawing comparisons to Disney villain Cruella de Vil.

Yolanda Flores, 41, has vitiligo, a condition that causes skin to lose its coloring, turning it white. Hair that grows in these patches can turn white as well. 

Flores, who lives in Bell Gardens, California, told SWNS she hasn't left her home without wearing makeup since 1995 because people stare.

She said she's routinely compared to the "101 Dalmatians" evildoer, as well as Storm from the X-Men.

“Everywhere I go, people tell me things like that," Flores said. “Sometimes it’s embarrassing."

She added: "I feel like I scare little kids who look at me like I’m a monster."

To cope, Flores started an Instagram account where she posts makeup tutorials, which has helped her connect with others.

"Talking with others has really helped my confidence," she said.