Baseball Great Darryl Strawberry Photobombs Couple During Their Wedding Portraits

Strawberry’s SUV pulled up while the newlyweds were having a photo shoot in the driveway.

A New York bride and groom were less upset about an SUV intruding on their wedding photos when they discovered the car's passenger was baseball legend Darryl Strawberry.

Newlyweds Kelly and Kyle were posing in the driveway of the Heritage Club at Bethpage State Park on Long Island when a black Cadillac Escalade pulled up into the shot despite friends and family trying to direct traffic away.

"It didn’t stop, it drove right by," videographer AJ Ingoglia told "I love cracking jokes and making the couples laugh so I just started booing at the car when it was driving by."

As the car rolls slowly through the shot, the passenger poked his head out the window and joked, “Hey man, I’m used to getting booed,” Ingoglia recalled.

“I go, ‘Was that Darryl Strawberry that just drove by?” he said.

Ingoglia explained they later discovered Strawberry, who went to the World Series once with the New York Mets and three times with the New York Yankees, was due at a charity event next door.

But, Strawberry had a moment to spare to take pictures with the newlywed couple.

“I went up to the window and knocked on it, I was like, “Mr. Strawberry, since you ruined our shot in the street, would you mind taking a photo with the bride and groom?’” Ingoglia said. “He kind of made a joke of it and was a good sport to come out and take a photo with us."

Ingoglia added, “The bride was still like, 'Wait, who was that guy?'"