Rescue Dog Learns to Ice Skate Using Homemade Boots With Blades Glued On

Benny, the 5-year-old Labrador, can do crossovers and bunny hops.

Is this skating Labrador the next Nancy Kerrigan?

Benny, a 5-year-old rescue pup, has been learning to skate ever since he was rescued as a pup from a Las Vegas shelter.

"You can’t keep him off the ice," Benny’s owner Cheryl Del Sangro told SWNS. "He just keeps getting better and better."

Del Sangro, 56, a former skating coach, takes her pup to the rink every two weeks or so.

With tiny skates on his front paws, equipped with two blades glued to each doggy boot, and mittens on his back paws for stability, Benny has mastered basic steps like turns, crossovers and even bunny hops.

"He’s the happiest dog and he loves learning tricks," Del Sangro said. "You can’t help but smile when you see it."

Del Sangro said she was a semi-professional skater in her 20s, and moved on to coaching for 20 years after.

She then gave up her career in ice-skating to run a restaurant with her husband and daughter, but got back onto the ice last year.

“He followed me around and was running after me on the ice,” Del Sangro said. “He was rolling around on his back and everything – he enjoyed it so much.”

Although Benny started on a leash, he quickly became much more skilled, and now, the family is looking into getting him professionally made skates.

Del Sangro said they now hope to teach him routines to music and even get him a spot performing in shows.

“We’ve looked into it and we can’t find any other dogs that can skate," she said.