New York Man Stops to Buy Slim Jims for His Dog, Wins $10 Million Lottery Prize

Dale Farrand
New York Lottery

A New York man has his hungry pup to thank after winning $10 million on a scratch-off ticket

Dale Farrand, 73, stopped off to buy Slim Jims for his dog, Boots, at a Cumberland Farms convenience store on Aug. 14 and decided to purchase a Cash Spectacular ticket as well. 

He knew he'd won, but still had to have a neighbor confirm the amount. 

“I rolled down the window and asked her to check the ticket for me. She was a lot more excited than I was,” Farrand said at a press conference Monday.

He chose to take home a lump sum of nearly $7 million. Farrand said he and his wife, Catherine, plan to stay in their Fort Edward home, but will renovate it, and set up trust funds for their grandchildren. 

“We’re going to help the whole family,” Catherine said. 

As for Boots? There's no word on the prize he will get for being a very good boy.


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